Economy Reflection

One passage from this chapter that I found interesting was near the beginning when he talks about how hard people work, and how they basically are working their life away. I think that he is implying that he believes that you do not really need to work to obtain the life that you want and that just because you have money does not mean you have happiness or the life that you may want. On page 109 Thoreau says “It is a fool’s life…”, which to me follows along with his ideas that are seen throughout the entire book. I also think this strengthens the argument that Thoreau see society as odd sometimes for doing things such as working your life away when you could be doing better things with your life.

2 Replies to “Economy Reflection”

  1. Ellison- I agree with your analysis. That passage goes together with Thoreau’s argument that people are creating cages for themselves and happiness isn’t directly proportional the amount of money you have.

  2. Hey Ellie! I really enjoyed reading your reflection! I like how you interpreted his words in a way that I had not thought of, but when reading it, it makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks for sharing!!

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