The over lying theme of the Economy seems to be focused on how humans have a way changing the situations to better suit us but that is not necessarily a bad thing. for example he talks about him baking bread and getting rid of yeast after an burn incident one time. Also he talks about the way he cut down trees in order to make a log cabin for shelter.

After reading the Economy I feel as though Thoreau does an excellent job in providing extremely realistic details for imagery. I found it very interesting how he was able to describe everything in a relatable way. Albeit Thoreau’s writing can be a bit extensive at points in the reading however many times it was what the writing required. I also feel like it is very important to keep in mind this book was just his thoughts scribbled down so it is not much of a surprise that most of his writing is about the truly outstanding things he felt and wanted to convey with utmost clarity. One thing that often frustrates me is trying to figure out how much to read into Thoreau’s writing because while he does use nature to explain his ideologies I usually get confused trying to figure out what exactly he means.

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  1. I agree with the focus of Economy’s theme. This is evident in the section I chose to look at, in where he talks about things that are necessary of life. One example I found was when he talks about humans robbing from birds to create “shelters”(beds) in their shelters.
    I can relate with getting a little confused in trying to figure out what exactly Thoreau means in certain sections. I often find myself having to reread passages, but his attention to detail is phenomenal.

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