Browns Bog

Like in Johnsons Woods, a board walk led us through the woods in Browns Bog. For this, I was glad, since without the boardwalk we would be trudging through ankle high water. Having discussed the conflict of the boardwalk at Johnsons woods, I didn’t think much of the one at Browns Bog. Aside from a couple of cardinals and the sounds of our feet as we walked, it was pretty quiet. I was most excited about seeing the pitcher plant, as I had never seen one before. I was expecting to have to take a while looking for them, but to my surprise the bog was filled with them. As we stood at the middle of the board walk and talked about the history of Browns Bog, I was surprised to learn that the poison sumac was introduced to the bog by humans. I could also not help but get distracted by the fact that the side of the board, on which I stood, was sinking.