Are Wooster’s Squirrels spoiled?

when we first got to Johnson woods I was very underwhelmed. In class, there were mentions of how it was a nature park so I pictured something much larger. I was really saddened when we pulled up and it was a small little nature area that forced you to cross a really dangerous street that I felt should have had a slower speed limited due to the fact it is so close to nature and those that call the woods home. It perplexed me why such a small area could be coincidentally be protected for such a long time. I don’t understand how it survived the greed of humans and their thirst for land to plow.
As I got further along in my hike I noticed more of these creatures, gracefully leaping from dead log to dead log. They watched as my friend and I walked along the boardwalk. Showing just the tip of their bodies, concealing the rest with ease. The squirrels of Johnson woods were very curious creatures, although they kept their distance, the only reason I noticed them was because of the rustling of the leaves their little paws made. Watching them navigate the forest with such grace and carefulness made me realize that the squirrels at Wooster had become spoiled with the presence and protection that human presence can provide.
When we returned to the bus I noticed quite a bit of litter, although it was the parking lot I figured since the wooden part was so clean other places would be as well. It made me realize that this place while it is respected and used to become closer to nature, there are in fact people who abuse the space for less innocent things, which made me sad because I realized most things like this will be taken for granted.

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  1. I find it interesting how you described the road by Johnson Woods as dangerous. Do you think that there should maybe be speed bumps as there would be in a neighborhood? Do you think they might tear down that land in the future or do you think it can last much longer into the future? There might never be a safe road by Johnson woods, but do you think it could be because the government might not find that area important enough to change the speed limit or spend their funds on speed bumps? I really enjoyed hearing about your comparison of the squirrels at Johnson Woods and the squirrels at the College of Wooster. Your conclusion sentence is really eye-opening and it is upsetting that there are people like that in the world.

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